513 S. Main Street - Princeton IL 61356 - (815) 875-1944

Store Hours: TUESDAY through SATURDAY, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and SUNDAY, noon to 4:00 pm (through Christmas)

Hoffman's is currently seeking a buyer interested in continuing the business that has been a mainstay in Princeton for over 70 years, but, contrary to rumor, Hoffman's is NOT going out of business!

Willow Tree Musicals

  "I remember a gift of a music box - long ago.  When I opened it, a ballerina magically twirled to the melody of Always.  Dance has always inspired me - it's sculpture in motion!  When I sculpt, I try to carve movement into the form.  So having these pieces turn to music is a natural and exciting progression for Willow Tree.  I hope the classic melodies are both familiar and happily reminiscent."  -- Susan Lordi
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